Killer squat exercises 2021 – Quads workout at home

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Killer squat exercises 2021 - 1 minute exercises to do at home #Shorts
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Do these squat exercises from the comfort of your home (Your own physical therapy). This home workout strategy can be done daily.

This easy-to-do quads workout is comprised of six workouts where you can choose how many sets you're going to do in burst HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

HIIT cardio is great for burning calories and resulting in an overall toning of the quadriceps.

This can also act as perfect weight loss workout exercises to lose weight.

The exercise includes the following to develop sought-after quads and amazing legs:

Exercise 1: Do x10 Single-leg RDL each side
Exercise 2: Do x20 low squat hold with banded toe taps
Exercise 3: Do x12 reverse lunge with press
Exercise 4: Do x15 banded squat jumps
Exercise 5: Do x20 low side to side lunges
Exercise 6: Do x15 banded knee drives on each side

Complete 3 sets of each before moving onto the next OR complete each exercise back to back circuit-style and repeat 4-5x.

I hope you enjoy this legs workout for women and men.

Happy exercise my friends!

Summary: Quads workout exercises to do every day at home.
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