Gymnastics – The Dangers of Competing the Hardest Skills

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Gymnastics can be a dangerous sport when gymnasts are competing either under stress, injured, feeling pressure,... injuries can happen even when competing simple tricks on vault, floor, beam or bars, but, when you're doing the hardest skills, accidents can be tragic.

In light of the criticism and lack of understanding directed towards Simone Biles pulling out of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics gymnastics women's team final, and as suggested by some of this channel's viewers, here is a video that tries to explain the dangers of competing when you're not in your right head space.

This footage is not featuring any gruesome images, so it is safe to watch, the aim is to make people aware of the risks of doing gymnastics. If you are looking for accidents, you better look somewhere else.

This video has been created for educational purposes, to show skills in artistic gymnastics, to teach people about all the elements of this sport, and to report on competition winners. From the name of the skills, the gymnast they're named after, the difficulty of each element, the code of points,... anything that helps understanding gymnastics.

Gymnasts featured on this video:

- Lilia Akhaimova (RUS)
- Simone Biles (USA)
- Adriana Duffy (PUR)
- Samantha Cerio (USA)
- Sang Lan (CHN)
- Julissa Gomez (USA)
- Silvia Mitova (BUL)
- Elena Mukhina (URS)

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