Gymnastics – Floor Medal Contenders for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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These are the gymnasts that have chances to get a medal on floor at the Tokyo 2020 (or Tokyo 2021) Olympics.

Simone Biles is the clear favorite to win gold, since she has the difficulty value and the scores, since 2019, to back it up, even with a fall, she would score ahead of everybody else. The silver and bronze medal could go to a series of gymnasts who have the needed difficulty, execution,... Since there haven't been many international competitions since the 2019 world championships, the scores that we have seen this year so far are mostly domestic (with the exception of the European championships and some World Cups), so execution scores awarded during competitions in 2021 so far might be different from those that might be given at the Olympic Games.

This video has been created for educational purposes, to show skills in artistic gymnastics, to teach people about all the elements of this sport and to report on competition winners. From the name of the skills, the gymnast they're named after, the difficulty of each element, the code of points,... anything that helps understanding gymnastics.

Gymnasts featured on this video:

- Jessica Gadirova
- Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos
- Jordan Chiles
- Suni Lee
- Jade Carey
- MyKayla Skinner
- Vanessa Ferrari
- Mai Murakami
- Angelina Melnikova
- Simone Biles

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