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These are 6 amazing gymnasts who have completed a Nabieva.

But are all of these gymnastics skills really Nabs? What would Tatiana Nabieva think of them?

This video has been created for educational purposes, to show skills in artistic gymnastics and to teach people about all the elements of this sport. From the name of the skills, the gymnast they're named after, the difficulty of each element, the code of points,... anything that helps understanding gymnastics.

Gymnasts featured:

6 - Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (FRA)
5 - Suni Lee (USA)
4 - Morgan Hurd (USA)
3 - Trinity Thomas (USA)
2 - Sanne Wevers (NED)
1 - Tatiana Nabieva (RUS)

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Just Artistic Gymnastics aims to be the best resource to learn about this wonderful sport. If you want to see the most amazing gymnasts doing the most difficult skills, Just Artistic Gymnastics is your channel!

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