Gymnastics – 6 Amazing Beam Combinations with No Connection Value

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6 amazing beam combinations with no connection value.

These 6 bb combos don't have any connection value according to the 2017-2020 gymnastics Code of Points. When gymnasts performed this combinations, they are awarded the difficulty of the individual skills but no added connection bonus points.

Skills and gymnasts featured on this video:

6 - Front Pike + Layout Stepout (Alicia Sacramone)
5 - Front Tuck 1/2 + Korbut (Zhang Yelinzi)
4 - BHS 1/1 + BHS + Layout Stepout (Dina Kochetkova)
3 - Arabian + BHS (Katelyn Ohashi)
2 - Aerial Walkover + Back Tuck 1/1 (Gabby Douglas)
1 - Onodi + BHS + 1-Arm BHS + Layout Stepout (Catalina Ponor)

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