Bubble Butt Workout 2021 – 1 minute exercises to do at home | booty workout

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1-minute exercises you can do from the comfort of your home (Your own physical therapy). This home workout strategy can be done daily 1 exercise a day to get that bubble but for up to a 30 minute cardio workout period per week.

These easy-to-do round butt workout exercises at home workout can have better results if you do all the exercises in sets of 3 for a self-determined number of reps in a hiit cardio workout at home.

HIIT cardio is great for burning calories and resulting in an overall toning of the body.

1 minute weight loss exercises to lose weight at home: This can also act as perfect weight loss workout exercises to lose weight.

The exercise include the following to develop that sought after bubble butt / plump and round booty shape.

Exercise 1: Curtesy lunge into lateral kick
Exercise 2: Laying side glute kick
Exercise 3: Step back lunge into cable
Exercise 4: Plank side to side. Kicks
Exercise 5: Banded jumping jacks
Exercise 6: Donkey Kicks

Happy exercise my friends!

Summary: These are 1 minute exercises to do every day at home. Kate video.

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