Best Universiade Gymnastics 2015

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Universiade Gymnastics best moments from the last edition ahead of the 2017 competition.

British Kelly Simm won gold in the Womenโ€™s All-around artistic gymnastics final. 2012 Japanese Olympian Asuka Teramoto, fifth in the All-around at the Kazan Universiade two years ago, moved up to second. Bolstered by a competition high 14.500 on Balance Beam, Natsumi Sasada (JPN) won the bronze, just edging Portugalโ€™s Ana Filipa Martins.

The Russian women won gold in the team competition.

Gymnasts featured:

- Polina Fedorova ( RUS) VT
- Asuka Teramoto (JAP) VT
- Polina Fedorova (RUS) UB
- Daria Elizarova (RUS) UB
- Heo Seon Mi (KOR) UB
- Natsumi Sasada (JAP) UB
- Asuka Teramoto (JAP) UB
- Simone Penker (AUT) BB
- Filipa Martins (POR) BB
- Daria Elizarova (RUS) BB
- Heo Seon Mi (KOR) BB
- Natsumi Sasada (JAP) BB
- Asuka Teramoto (JAP) BB
- Mariana Vazquez (MEX) VT
- Heo Seon Mi (KOR) FX
- Filipa Martis (POR) FX
- Daria Elizarova (RUS) VT
- Maria Paseka (RUS) VT
- Binti Farah Abdul (MAS) VT
- Maria Paseka (RUS) UB
- Ekaterina Kramarenko (RUS) UB
- Yu Minobe (JAP) BB
- Kelly Jay Simm (GBR) FX
- Polina Fedorova (RUS) FX

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