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Gymnastics 6 amazing skills on floor.

This artistic gymnastics video compilation features 6 of the most amazing and difficult skills performed in competitions worldwide.

Whenever a gymnast successfully performs a skill for the first time in a FIG gymnastics competition, it is named after her, so some of the elements shown in this video have been named after gymnasts.

List of skills:

6 - "Knees" back handspring, performed by Elena Shushunova (URS).
5 - Triple turn with leg held up in 180Βͺ split, performed by Aliya Mustafina (RUS).
4 - Double back layout with leg split, performed by Tatiana Gutsu (UKR).
3 - Side Arabian 1.5/1 to a dive roll, performed by Elena Shushunova (URS).
2 - Double Arabian layout - Dos Santos II, performed by Daiane dos Santos (BRA).
1 - Double full in double back, performed by Tatiana Groshkova (URS).

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