12:48 / 18:06 Full Body Workout incorporated in a Yoga Flow (BEST way to get fit = Challenge Workout 3 out of 7)

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No equipment needed, fun and effective workout!

To keep you inspired and keep you on track with your daily MUSCLE STRENGTHENING, VITALITY and FLEXIBILITY increases, I put together a doable but INTENSE mini series consisting of 7 workout especially for you to enjoy!

Yessss. All you got to do it a short work out every (other) day and the RESULTS will follow on their own before you even notice! TRANSFORMATION TIME is hereeee : D

It is less then 15 min!!! therefore you you have no excuses!!! but to try it! and be PERSISTENT. persistency is key ; )

Good luck & much love,

xxx Dora xxx xxxDoraEuphoriaxxx video.

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