11 top proven weight loss motivation tips

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Weight loss motivation is and remains one of the points that many people have.
Starting to exercise, eating healthy and changing everything around is anything but easy.
Especially if you have to do it alone.
There are many people who want to start their fit journey without help and coaching.
But what they often encounter is the fact that the weight loss motivation is not there, or slowly disappears.
What are you doing then?
There are of course plenty of tips and tricks available on the internet,
but I also want to give you my motivation and mindset tips.
I hope it can bring you a valuable addition to start and keep up your get fit journey.
Weight loss motivation – The top 11 best tips
These are the top 11 best weight loss motivation.
I hope it is enough to give your motivation a new boost.
I believe in you and know you can do it, so get started with these tips go ahead with your goal.
1-Set a realistic goal

Start by setting a realistic goal. And then the emphasis is mainly on 'realistic.'

Thinking big is super good and I really encourage that,

but to start with it might be useful to do the following.

You may have a very big goal, or a big dream that you would like to make real.

That's great.

But to go back there in one go can be quite overwhelming.

What is useful here is to divide this big goal into all kinds of small goals and steps.
This way you keep an overview, you work towards your big goal,

and you all have small steps that are easier to achieve and you often create that feeling of victory.

2-Find a slim friend

Training and losing weight together is easier than having to do it all on your own.

It can be a lonely journey if you don't know anyone, or have nobody in your immediate environment who is also losing weight.

You can share tips and support your friend when needed and vice versa!

Do you really not know anyone but do you want support?

Then visit a forum or a Facebook group.

There are enough pages to support each other.

Just look at 'lose weight together' and you will find a lot of pages!

This way you can still get the support you may need and you are equal to people who have to overcome the same obstacles.

3-Keep track of your progress

If you are just starting out with your fit lifestyle, it is good to start recording important information.

Think of your current statistics such as your weight, body fat percentage and circumference of your arms, abdomen, legs, etc.

4- Register for a special event

Do you find it difficult to set concrete goals or do you just need that extra push to commit yourself 100% to losing weight and switching to your new lifestyle?

Then think about registering yourself for a special event.

5-Tell everyone about your goal

A very important point is to make your goal clear to family and friends.

Spread the word!

It can be difficult to say this because you may have said before that you wanted to do this,

and that you never followed through.

It is therefore possible that your family and / or friends do not react very enthusiastically.

6-Read books, blogs and success stories

One of the top tips that can keep you really motivated is reading inspiring books, fun blogs,

and success stories of other people who have followed the same path that you still have to go through.

7-Visualize your objective

This point is also very important. Have you ever heard of mood boards or inspiration boards?

This is something similar.
If you can imagine what you want to achieve and visualize it, it can be very motivating.

8- Create a positive mindset

A positive mindset is not always easy to maintain.

If your progress is a little less or if the results turn out less well than you had hoped, this may lessen your confidence and positivity.

9- Give yourself a real reward

If you know what you are doing it for, your motivation is already a lot higher.
But if you also have a real reward for yourself, this should definitely give you a boost.
10- Hire a coach or personal trainer
Suppose you really want to go to the gym, but you don't have a clue what to do with that overwhelming range of fitness equipment,
then I can well understand that you would like to have a coach or a personal trainer at your side.

11- Make contacts with fit people
If you surround yourself with people who have the same goal as you and also want to get fit, you will get into a flow of motivation.
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