1 minute exercises to do every day at home

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1-minute exercises you can do from the comfort of your home (Your own physical therapy). This home workout strategy can be done daily 1 exercise a day for a full body workout up to a 30 minute cardio workout period per week.

These easy to do cardio at home workout can have better results if you do all the exercises in sets of 3 for a self-determined number of reps in a hiit cardio workout at home.

HIIT cardio is great for burning calories and resulting in an overall toning of the body.

1 minute weight loss exercises to lose weight at home: This is also the perfect weight loss workout exercises to lose weight.

Use this to do the burpee challenge and do as many burpees as you can.
The video shows you clearly how to do a burpee and how to squat as well as how to do side to side squats.

Create a jumping jacks workout routine you can do daily. The number of jumping jacks is all up to preference.

Happy exercise my friends!

Summary: These are 1 minute exercises to do every day at home. Kate video.

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